The Benefits of an InstrumentChoice USB Datalogger

The USB Datalogging tool is an efficient electronic device that can be used to capture data from any digital device. It can capture data in any format and with any operating system that runs on a personal computer. This device connects to a host computer via a USB port. This tool can run in under a minute, and it records its findings through a compact disc. This compact disc can then be loaded onto a host computer for analysis. This tool can be used to run in minutes and will not slow down the host computer.

InstrumentChoice usb dataloggerThis InstrumentChoice USB datalogger records data during power input, power failure, or a power outage. This USB datalogger has user-programmable alarm thresholds that enable users to record only specific events. This saves a great deal of time and energy. It records temperature readings, elapsed time, current speed, and maximum load. This is useful when calculating average speed and times by which data has transferred through a USB interface.

Some modern USB devices use a lithium battery as a power source. If a lithium battery pack is connected to an InstrumentChoice USB datalogger, this will enable the tool to power up even when the host computer is turned off. The lithium battery power lasts for up to six hours and can be recharged via a USB outlet. This feature is very useful in applications where continuous logging requires a constant power source. Recharging the battery is also simple, and it can be done by simply plugging the tool into an alternate outlet.

An essential function of a data logger is that it can also store data in an SD card. Most modern smartphones have built-in SD card readers. These cards can be used to save data from the USB data logger and then read it on any modern mobile device. Most modern smartphones have enough storage to store at least one month’s worth of logs.

The latest versions of USB data loggers now also have what are called Relative Humidity Sensors. These are built right into the tool, and they allow users to retrieve information on humidity levels inside the unit. Relative humidity sensors calculate the amount of moisture vaporized in a unit by measuring the area’s airflow. This information is essential for environmental applications like breeding plants or keeping a humidity controlled environment inside a building.

A good data logger will allow users to download their log onto a PC using a web browser. This capability is a massive benefit for professionals who may need to access data from a portable device outside of the office. Professionals may also want to use this type of device in a laboratory setting. A good data logger will allow for continuous temperature measurements in environments where access to an external temperature source is impossible. Whether for industrial, scientific or even personal applications, an InstrumentChoice USB datalogger is the perfect tool for temperature loggers.