Certificate IV – Clinical Skills

Assessment is a course that provides the necessary skills and knowledge to assess a person’s suitability for certification. As it is often called, Certificate IV training is usually a requirement before being able to apply for either a Health Careers (HCPC) or a Registered Health Practitioner (RHPs). These certifications provide the professional healthcare provider with further medical knowledge and understanding of the health care system in general. The Certificate IV in nursing or the Cert IV Training and assessment SA in midwifery are just two of the numerous certificates that can be renewed every two years at the Australian Health Practitioner (AHP) Board level.

The assessment process is designed to assess the applicant’s current knowledge, skills, and understanding, both in relation to current clinical practice and theoretical learning. To successfully complete the training, the applicant must pass the assessment test. There are various ways that this assessment may be carried out, including personal assessment, group assessment and individual assessments.

cert-iv-training-and-assessment-saThe personal assessment is one of the most popular methods used for assessing an individual’s suitability for training. This involves reviewing an applicant’s clinical skills and abilities via the application of theory to real-life situations. Group assessments are usually conducted by doctors, nurses or other healthcare practitioners and involve groups of patients with similar clinical skills and abilities. Individual assessments normally involve one person per group, although sometimes this may be facilitated by the AHP Board.

To successfully complete the Cert IV Training and assessment SA course, it is necessary to have completed and passed the Basic Certificate in Nursing and the Foundation Certificate in Clinical Skills and Practice. As part of the course, students will be required to undertake both practical and theory-based assessments. This assessment is designed to assess an individual’s clinical skills and abilities. The applicable portion of the training involves both theoretical study and clinical practice related tasks. Students will also be required to complete a course dissertation.

To complete the Cert IV Training and assessment SA, it is necessary to have excellent communication skills and good interpersonal and communication skills. Communication is essential throughout the Certificate IV course as it enables the clinician to understand the patients’ needs and relate to them. Interpersonal communication is defined as the ability to interact positively with all patients, both present and past. Achieving this level of understanding is necessary to communicate with people from all walks of life effectively.