Protect Your Cabinet Handles With Brass Handles

If you want to upgrade your kitchen hardware, you should consider brass handles. They will compliment almost any style or decor. They are a perfect addition to old world kitchen design. You will be able to add some personality to your kitchen and add value to the home. There are several advantages to brass handles. Learn about the advantages below.

The first advantage to Lo-And-Co-Interiors brass handles is their durability. As a soft metal, brass tends to have a naturally higher resistance to staining than other metals. For this reason, brass knobs may seem new for an even more extended period. Another advantage to brass handles is they come in different finishes, including oil rubbed bronze, polished chrome, and antique oil rubbed bronze. This allows you to match the style of your cabinets with the hardware you choose.

Another advantage to brass handles relates to the resistance to corrosion. Like other metal pieces, they tend to be more resistant to corrosion if they are not exposed to chemicals or liquids that could damage them. For example, if you own a stovetop, you know it can be hazardous to cook on it or touch the handles because of the acids associated with the burn. In contrast, wood and pot metal drawer pulls are frequently susceptible to corrosion if you use a metal utensil to push the drawer open.

Another advantage relates to maintenance. Since brass handles are subject to less friction than their metal counterparts, they will last much longer without the need to be serviced as often. Remember, when you polish, use mineral spirits or similar cleaners to avoid tarnishing. Cleaning the knobs on your kitchen island every couple of weeks is not only cost-efficient, but the less you have to service your furniture, the more money you will save.

The finish on the knobs and pulls on bedroom cabinets will vary depending on what colour you choose. You can choose to use a satin nickel or oil rubbed bronze finish to bring out the beauty of the metal. Satin nickel is a little more challenging to work with. On the other hand, the oil rubbed bronze finish is quite shiny, making it ideal for matching with other brass handles and knobs. Both styles look great in traditional, modern, cottage, and country bedroom cabinets.

The best way to care for the brass handles in your bedroom cabinets is to keep them in excellent shape. First, clean the doors regularly with a dry, alcohol-free wipe. Next, use a cotton cloth to wipe them down and ensure no oil, food, or grease on the surface. If there is excess oil, wipe it down again and then let it air dry. When oiled satin nickel or oil rubbed bronze handles become very sensitive to being rubbed, take them off of the hinges and store them in a cotton sock for easy cleaning.

Another easy method to protect your investment is to have the cabinet manufacturer customise the finish for your brass plated product. Many manufacturers will offer this service. They will provide you with the proper finish for the specific type of brass that is being plated. Since brass is very expensive, having a custom finish is well worth the slight price difference.

Many hardware stores now offer this service as well. They will match the manufacturer’s finish so that you do not need to worry about matching the handle to the cabinet handles. The convenience of having your new handles come with the knobs is an added benefit. This eliminates purchasing the handles separately and allows you to have your cabinet hardware already in perfect condition.