What’s Inside a Learners Practice Test VIC

If youve gone through driving school, a learners practice test VIC will be the icing on the cake. Being able to keep practicing and honing your driving knowledge and skills will propel you towards passing your exams. However, to make the most of a learners practice test, you need to know what its all about. 

In this article, were going to show you all the things you need to know about a learners practice test:

learners-practice-test-vicThe typical learner practice test is structured similarly to the Learner Permit Knowledge Test. It contains 32 multiple-choice questions, each providing three options to choose from. The mechanics are simple; choose the correct answer, and if you do, you get the point. The test will cover all the driving content that youve gone through during your driving lessons.

The questions that will be included in the practice test (as well as the real one) are broken down into the following categories:

Road Rules and Responsibilities – 23 questions

Knowing the basic road rules is absolutely crucial when driving. Thats why it covers the majority of the questions with 23. Make sure you go through each question and answer them as honestly as you can.

Managing Driving Risk – 5 questions

Responsible drivers will always aim to reduce and manage the inherent possibility of injuring or killing themselves or other people while driving. The factors covering the set of questions will challenge your intuition when it comes to managing the risks that are associated with driving. 

Learning How to Drive – 3 questions

According to the latest survey, new drivers that have accumulated about 120 hours of driving experience also have a crash risk thats 30% lower than new drivers with only 50 hours of driving experience. This set of questions will cover different topics surrounding how to drive. If youve completed your driving course, these questions will give you a refresher on the topics youve already gone through. 

The Challenges of Driving – 1 question

Driving presents an array of challenges. Learners are relatively safe since they are supervised. But its a different experience once you start driving solo. Both the anxiety and the crash risk will increase drastically. While this is only a single question, it will challenge your mental toughness and grit when it comes to driving. It will provide you with a real-life driving challenge in which youll need to choose the best decision to overcome it.

Use this format as a guide when studying or going through the entire learners practice test VIC. Familiarise each part and work your way towards 100% correct answers. Once you do, you can choose to book for a Learner Permit Knowledge Test, or you can keep studying by trying out other learners practice tests.

For administrative details like booking information and fees, you can refer to the actual website that provided the learners practice test. That way, you can access the most accurate and up-to-date information as well as other important details.