Body Corporate Management Adelaide

Body corporate management Adelaide is a specialised field, and a team of professionals at JEWhite is highly experienced in managing community title properties in the city. The founder of JEWhite, Paul JEWhite, has over 20 years of experience in body corporate management Adelaide, working with just about every type of property imaginable. The JEWhite team is equipped to manage any type of property, from simple apartment buildings to the most expensive properties. Hire a professional body corporate management Adelaide at now. 


body corporate management AdelaideJEWhite is an accredited strata management company that advises and assists owners of community title properties. JEWhite’s experienced team is equipped to handle complex strata issues. Their professional decision-making skills and expertise ensure that owners are satisfied with the results of their services. They specialise in strata and community title properties in Adelaide. Learn more about JEWhite’s services below. Here are some reasons you should choose JEWhite.

JE Whites have extensive experience in corporate body management. Founded in 2002, this company is an APRA-certified firm. They understand the nuances of complex organisations and will offer you the best advice and assistance possible. JEAs a result,  Whites can take the stress and worry out of managing a body corporate. For this reason, they are the best choice for many Adelaide residents. And, their fees are reasonable.

ACE Body Corporate Management

ACE Body Corporate Management Adelaide is a great choice for strata property management. Managers will keep track of maintenance issues, make suggestions to owners, and attend committee meetings. They are experienced in strata management and are members of the state strata institute. In addition to their experience, they are insured and fully covered by professional indemnity insurance. For more information, contact ACE today! Read on to learn more about ACE’s services and how they can help you and your strata complex.

ACE Body Corporate Management Adelaide offers the highest quality service to strata owners and residents in the city of SA. Their property experts provide expert advice and troubleshooting for issues that arise. ACE Body Corporate Management Adelaide was founded by Paul Wade, who has extensive experience in all property types. Paul has extensive experience in single-storey, commercial, and multi-storey apartment buildings with over 300 lots.

Salvan Strata

Whether you have one property or several, you need a company you can trust to manage your strata complex. Natalie and her team understand the complexities of strata legislation, from collecting levies to arranging maintenance. So they will ensure your property is well maintained and safe, keep track of finances, and comply with regulatory requirements. Natalie Salvan, a former property manager, understands the costs and the high level of service required to manage your body corporate properly. And with a high staff retention rate, you’ll always know you’ll deal directly with a manager. Hire a professional body corporate management Adelaide at now.

With experience handling strata issues for over 12 years, JEWhite is among the best in the industry. Their team of professionals will take care of day-to-day operations, collect levies, and oversee the whole process. They can also manage your tenants and handle repairs and maintenance issues. You’ll never have to worry about running your strata association because they’ll take care of everything for you.


If you live in a complex in Adelaide, corporate body management is a vital component of strata management. These professionals are trained to manage the common property, strata fees, and community issues. Moreover, these professionals are also skilled in dealing with legal issues relating to strata structures. If you are considering using these services, consider the benefits that they offer. Listed below are just a few of them. All of these benefits are great for both you and your strata.

SGIC was founded in 1971 in South Australia. By 1992, it had nineteen branches throughout the state and was regarded as the largest general insurer in the country. By that time, one in four South Australians was a client of SGIC. Moreover, SGIC employed close to 1,000 people. In 1998, the company was acquired by the SGIO of Western Australia. In 2000, it was taken over by NRMA, and in 2005 it moved to new premises in Adelaide.

ACE Body Corporate Management

ACE Body Corporate Management has over 110 branches all over Australia and prides itself on providing top-notch service. Each of their managers takes great pride in providing personalised service. They ensure that you receive the best solutions for your property management needs, including comprehensive financial and insurance solutions. To help you get started, you can access their feedback service online. This will give you an idea of how satisfied their clients are. And because ACE has an excellent reputation, you can be sure they’ll do everything they can to satisfy your needs. Hire a professional body corporate management Adelaide at now.